Who Am I?

Hello world

I’m Diego Laurence, my full name is Jeremy Diego Laurence Arteaga, but I like Diego just fine. I was born on May 9th 2002 in Edmonton.Alberta my mom is full on Mexican, and my dad is full on Canadian. I love my parents and i couldn’t ask for better role models. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters who I all love very much, we are as close as close can be.

So who am I? I’m betting i’m not the first person who’s wondered about this, and I bet i’ll won’t be the last. If we’re talking about cold hard facts, I’m just the person introduced to you in the first paragraph. But anybody can have a name, and anybody can be born on May, what makes me who I am is what I chose to do with that. The way I reacted to certain situations and the way I react to them today.

In a nutshell, it’s what a person has been through and the people he has been through it with that makes him who he is, take into consideration the butterfly effect. Like when I had my first loose tooth, now that was scary, and I would’ve lost my nerve if it weren’t for my brother Sebastian. He guided me through the whole thing assuring me that no matter how much it hurt, if I pulled it out the pain would go away soon. If my brother hadn’t been there I highly doubt I would have gone through with it, and I might not have my “get it over with” attitude.

The way I react during certain situations and why is simple, I was born with a certain mindset and attitude. I was born to challenge authority, I hate, hate, hate it and i always get in trouble because of the way I choose to respond to authority. It’s almost as if I want to prove the boss wrong, stick it to the man. If you are the boss but you are nice and caring I will totally leave you alone and respect the fact that you deserve the authority.

I’m respectful most of the time,if I like you i’m the most pleasant fellow you could stumble upon. And as for how people see me I have no idea, how I see myself? I see myself as a kid who wants to have fun, I try to keep a positive attitude and try to make the people around me happy. I love people, the more Friends I have the happier I will be. And I hope that’s how my peers see me as. I honestly try to avoid conflict and I want everyone to like me. I know it’s a bad habit but I care deeply about what others think of me.


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