English 10 Mages

Get a magic wand, silk hankie, a coin, pin, strin'/thread, rubberbands, an' a deck o'cards. Ye’ll want t'wear a sport coat/blazer (t' help hide hands/stuff in grand pockets).

NO FIRE. NO SWORDS. NO DECAPITATING thar teacher tricks. Ye may not saw a kid in half.

I’ve got a dvd that be jus' awesome. Co-op has a few tricks in their birthday party stuff.

Find a “magician’s oath” from google/wikipedia. Take it seriously.

We need a table an' a fancy-shmancy cloth.

Someone find a trick were ye have a hand puppet as yer assistant.

Let’s put on a good show. Rehearsal Thursday AM, PM, too if needed.

Expect t'stay out o'yonder Lab an' in me room until yer trick be mastered. Grrr.

Performance an' public presentation be very much a Language Art, e'eryone will step up an' deli'er.


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