28 thoughts on “Religion 25 Students Revise Exam Questions

  1. rbrousseau

    What is the difference between Faith and superstition?

    – Faith is tha tyou believe in something and that is predestined, you have the ability to reason, logic, and Logos
    Supertistion is Emotion and imagination (48)

  2. celliott

    (—/2) How can Sophists be objectively wrong?
    (pg. 63)
    – No absolute norms
    – What is right is in vogue
    – They teach for money

  3. celliott

    (—/2) What did the Pre-Socratics think about fate and sickness?
    (Pg. 53)
    – They believed that fate controls history
    – Sickness is a result of divine intervention

  4. rbrousseau

    How are Jesus and Socrates alike?

    – Enemies of the state
    -Spoke on behalf of a greater truth
    – Their activities and beliefs cost them their lives
    – could have abandoned faith to survive (65)

  5. rbrousseau

    For Aristotle contrast living and non-living?

    -Living has potetintiality for change
    -Nonliving can only change by external influence (113)

  6. jklose

    What did socrates mean when he said “he who knows what i sgood is will do good”?
    – The right insight leads to the right action.(69)
    -Only he who does right can be a virtuous man.(59)

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  8. rbrousseau

    Compare Parmenides and Heraculitus

    -Parmenides says
    a)that nothing can change and
    b)that our sensory perceptions are unreliable

    -Heraculitus says
    a)that everything changes (all things flow)
    b)that our sensory perceptions are reliable

  9. rbrousseau

    What were Plato’s 4 task?

    1. How can a baker bake fifty identical cookies?
    2. Why are all horses the same?
    3. Decide does man have immortal soul?
    4.Are men and woman equally sensible?

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