3 thoughts on “2009 English 10 Final Exam

  1. Mr. D. Sader Post author

    Keep in mind the “good-better-best” common sense: 3-5 body paragraphs, each with 3-5 details, 3-5 links, 3-5 images/media/links. 3-5 … 3-5 … 3-5 …

    Oh, and look closely at the “4” descriptors in the rubric: especially the “interprets evidence etc etc” and the “philosophical blah blah” and the “quibbling yada yada” … I like that stuff.

    Keep in mind “writing skills” I’ve emphasized in your checklists. Do what I’ve rewarded you for doing all year: write about other’s writing, use metaphor, parallel sentences, mention a good deed, etc.

    Please spell check and capitalize correctly, please.

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