Video Advertisement Group Project

“Rocks are metaphors.” – D. Sader

“They are just piles of rocks.” – K. Lumayko

In ELA 10 we have been discussing gender inequality: particularly as inequalities are portrayed in advertisements.

We think it would be interesting to create our own TV advertisements. So here is what we are going to do:

  • write a script and storyboard for a 30 second TV commercial (2 days)
  • reinforce gender stereotypes, take advantage of bias to sell the product
  • use iMovie and export to youtube and embed in a post (3-5 days)
  • oh, the product is 500g of parking lot gravel

I have 5 digital video cameras, so a maximum of five groups makes sense.

Let me know what groups you’ve made in a comment below.

Post a link to your script/storyboard for approval before you begin filming.

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14 thoughts on “Video Advertisement Group Project

  1. krochford

    SPEAKER 1 – Has there ever been that “girl” that you could never get?

    SCENE 1- Guy passes a note to the girl he likes, asking to hang out. Girl writes no then guys turns back around and shows her the cup of rocks, and she scribbles out no and puts yes.

    SPEAKER 1 – Guys all over are picking up the “Rocky Cup.” Listen to all these satisfied costumers.

    CUSTOMER 1 – These rocks have improved my dating life. Every time I go out I carry the “Rocky Cup.” There must be something in these rocks that attract the ladies.

    CUSTOMER 2 – The “Rocky Cup” has made my dating life a lot easier. Ever since I have purchased this product I have gotten all the ladies. They love the “Rocky Cup.” There is something in this product that the chicks go crazy for.

    SPEAKER 1 – The “Rocky Cup” does not just enhance guys abilities to get the ladies but it also helps ladies. All the women are now buying it!

    Customer 3 – I was always the geeky girl, braces, glasses, acne, you name it! But one day a friend referred me to the “Rocky Cup” i now have a wonderful boyfriend he just loves when I show him the “Rocky Cup.”

    SPEAKER 1 – So, if your lonely or just butt ugly you should definitely think about purchasing the “Rocky Cup” it will do wonders for you.

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