Same Circus, New Clowns, … an' New Clown Pants

I was thinkin' this mornin' I had better push out a list o'some items new an' returnin' students should have or soon add t'heir sites:

  • update choice o'themes, re'ised site titles an' tag lines.
  • check stuff an' update any details – especially yer password an' email details (must be yer acti'e email)
  • customize yer theme – look at theme settin's fer any other details t'make yer site more uniquely yer own
  • add a personal gra'atar t'yer email account
  • create a few amazon book widgets: “Books I’m Readin'”, “Books I’ve Read”, “Books I Want”, “Fa'ourite DVDs” etc.
  • create a custom menu widget o'yer class (an' other classes)
  • add a custom menu widget fer yer most used links: forum Book Talk, email, School Calendar, Snowflakes, etc…
  • add a link t'yer custom menu t'yer current course outlines an' focus questions at yonder Pingo Lingo an' ComTech blogs

If ye have other tips or tidbits in yer blog ye think we all should have, please drop me a comment below.

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