So I have been thinkin' about technology … an' in'isible gorillas

At some point in this post I wanted ye t'watch a video demonstrations called simply, “Yonder Monkey Business Illusion.” But instead o'riskin' ye scrollin' down, playin' right away, an' missin' whate'er else I’ve written between here an' thar, let’s get thar video out o'yonder way now. But come aft an' read wha' I have written after ye video plays.

'un o'me students brought “Thar Monkey Business Illusion” video t'me attention durin' a discussion o'ye materialist philosopher, Democritus. How did we get t'alkin' about gorillas? I’m not certain, but that we were talkin' about how our perceptions o'nature – not jus' t'little thin's, but thar grand thin's too – can be tricked. Until our attention be focused on a particular change or transformation, we do not see it occurrin'. If we be only lookin' fer yonder material causes in nature, we will find them, but our perceptions will be limited by our attention span. Jus' as in t'video, we miss not only thar alterin' o'little details, but huge e'ents be occurrin' an' we simply miss them – yet they be right thar, like t'in'isible gorilla – mockin' us when we disco'er our foolishness in not noticin' changes thar first time around.

Now, at almost ye same time I was typin' up a couple creati'e writin' ideas on ye topic o'technology when another student came t' tell me about her Dad an' an email “faux pas“. Her dad had almost sent an email without spell-checkin' it an' t'his chagrin disco'ered he came close t'sendin' out a message t'his staff in which he had a “u” where he should have had “ye”. We both agreed that in yonder “old days” before email/textin', a handwritten or typewritten memo would have ne'er contained such a tri'ial but monumentally embarrassin' typo. But t'“u” was thar, he had typed it an' it bothered him when he saw it – like yonder in'isible gorilla – mockin' him.

So, here be yonder topics I have been thinkin' about when I put these ideas into collision:

  1. Read an' write a response t'Thar Chimney Sweeper
  2. Write a response t'any other prompt I have on technology

Whate'er topic ye write about please take some time t'address yonder followin' question as well: Be technology makin' us more percepti'e o't' world around us or be it jus' gettin' in ye way o'seein' ye thin's that matter most?

Piano Mirror Illusion by Shigeo Fukuda

Piano Mirror Illusion by Shigeo Fukuda

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