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English 30: Blake’s Romanticism

D.C.Williams (1899-1983) said that Blake was a romantic with a critical view on the world, he maintained that Blake’s Songs of Innocence were made as a view of an ideal, somewhat Utopian view whereas he used the Songs of Experience in order to show the suffering and loss posed by the nature of society and the world of his time. wikipedia: William Blake

Read several poems from Blake’s, Songs of Innocence and Experience.

In particular pay attention to the 2 poems titled, The Chimney Sweeper.

What idea(s) does Blake suggest to us about The Human Condition – In Search of Self?

Canadian Poetry Unit Plan

I’ve selected three mini-units for our study of Canadian Poetry:

Throughout your study, think carefully and creatively about responses to your course focus questions. Maintain a connection to characters you’ve already studied. Extend your discussion of image, symbol, and archetype. Consider: Principal Images of Heaven and Hell and Principal Images of Innocence and Experience.

Principal Images of Innocence and Experience

Innocence Experience
Divine Images Good parents False father and wicked stepmother
Wise old people Kings
Fairy godmothers Goddess of courtly love
Sky Images Music of the spheres King’s blazing crown
Fiery sword Lover’s flashing eyes
Fairies and spirits
Human Images One flesh of marriage The body politic
The shepherd Gardener and farmer
Animal Images Sheep Ape
Faithful hound Hawks, falcons
Domestic animals Swans and peacocks
Dove Lion
Unicorns and dolphins
Vegetable Images Pastoral settings Formal gardens
Eden Farm
Magician’s wand Royal scepter
Blossom Banner
Water Images Spring rain The opposing sea
Dew River
Mineral Images Paths Courtyards
Cottages Capital city
Enchanted castle The highway