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Stoics Reign on Caesar’s Parade

Read the first scene of Julius Caesar(or here or here). Recall class discussions on the “Four Postulates.” Recall class discussion on Stoicism and Epicureanism. What is the Feast of Lupercal? Why would it have any appeal to an Epicurean? A Stoic? Are Marullus and Flavius more Epicurean or Stoic in their response to the citizens’ […]

Semester Begins: Overcoming Tech Obstacles

Welcome to new STJ bloggers. No doubt you are learning new skills very quickly, but take your time to figure it all out, depend on each other, and ask questions of your teacher. Grade 9 bloggers overcame a snag in the STJ email server(again!). The server simply stopped sending email until our division techies fixed […]

English 10 Reading List

1. Thematic Readings online texts and resource collection(wikipedia, google, evaluation of source/bias) building a linking lexicon metacognitive theory(Bloom) 2. The Chrysalids or Lord of the Flies 10-1: Emphasis on literary analysis. Evaluating author’s delivery of theme. “How is/isn’t the author successful in achieving a desired effect?” 10-2: Emphasis on developing personal response to theme. “What […]