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Stoics Reign on Caesar’s Parade

Read th' first scene o' Julius Caesar(or here or here).

Recall class discussions on th' “Four Postulates.”

Recall class discussion on Stoicism and Epicureanism.

What is th' Feast o' Lupercal, avast? Why would it have any appeal t' an Epicurean? A Stoic?

Are Marullus and Flavius more Epicurean or Stoic in their response t' th' citizens’ preparations fer Caesar’s victory parade?

How do th' citizens behave throughout th' scene, by Davy Jones' locker? Initially are they Stoic or Epicurean? And swab the deck! How do they leave?

Predict Caesar’s response t' Marullus and Flavius sailin' away th' vulgar herd.

Who killed Pompey? What is a Triumvirate? And swab the deck! Why were bein' th' First Triumvirate “unofficial”? Walk the plank! Who forms th' Second Triumvirate?

What other questions can ye raise about Act 1, Scene 1?

Semester Begins: Overcoming Tech Obstacles

Welcome t' new STJ bloggers. Nay doubt ye are learnin' new skills very quickly, but take yer time t' figure it all out, depend on each other, and ask questions o' yer teacher.

Grade 9 bloggers overcame a snag in th' STJ email server(again!), with a chest full of booty. The server simply stopped sendin' email until our division techies fixed th' clog(again!). Shiver me timbers! Walk the plank! Emails sent out at 9:15AM Thursday did not get t' their inboxes until Friday mornin', to be sure. I were bein' able t' sign-up bloggers manually but bloggers need t' now edit their user profiles t' set their password and website URL, … a task handled by th' auto-magic email registration/confirmation before. I see a couple duplicate users/blogs now as students responded t' late arrivin' emails, so I’ll be sortin' that out right away.

Grade 10 bloggers fer th' most part were already registered but hit a snag o' a different sort, to be sure. The topology o' th' STJ LAN has all school workstations accessin' th' Internet through a single IP address, a common scenario. This requires me t' make sure that th' IP address o' th' STJ outgoin' server is entered into th' firewall o' th' stjschool.org incomin' server so it doesn’t ban our IP fer exceedin' th' limit on simultaneous connections. Our division techies changed our outgoin' IP in December, … stjschool.org firewall now has th' correct IP t' bypass. And hoist the mainsail, to be sure! Coincidentally, a major failure in th' mediterranean undersea Internet cable caused higher loads on many router/server farms so diagnosin' th' problem had some sluggish “trace-routes” as well. Did ye know ye can monitor th' health o' th' Internet in real time?

The “tens” are sharin' their first posts and comments as well, but we’ll soon be in th' regular classroom continuin' our study o' Julius Caesar. Bloggin' about Shakespeare, an anachronism that is not so out o' place.

I wonder what challenges this week will brin'?

Now, th' “niners” are addin' maties t' their RSS aggregators and blogrolls. And sharin' their first posts/comments with each other.

I’d like Grade 9s t' trackback their first post here.

English 10 Reading List

1. Thematic Readin's
online texts and resource collection(wikipedia, google, evaluation o' source/bias)
buildin' a linkin' lexicon
metacognitive theory(Bloom)

2. The Chrysalids or Lord o' th' Flies

10-1: Emphasis on literary analysis. Evaluatin' author’s delivery o' theme.
“How is/isn’t th' author successful in achievin' a desired effect?”

10-2: Emphasis on developin' personal response t' theme.
“What effect does th' writin' have on ye as reader?”

2. And hoist the mainsail! Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare (Omitted or excerpted fer 10-2)

4. Short Stories
The Sniper, Liam O’Flaherty
War, Timothy Findley
Jane Goodall and th' Chimps, with Vickie Gabereau
Attacked by a Mountain Grizzly, Kathy Cook
To Build a Fire, Jack London
Earthquake, Jack Hodgins

5. Poetry
Superman’s Song,Brad Roberts
The Forecast, Dan Jaffe
Bad Drivin', from The Red Green Show
The Shark, E.J. Pratt
Cree Ponies, R.A. Kawalikak
Road Between Saskatoon and Edmonton, Elizabeth Brewster

6. Essays
Why We Grow Insensitive t' Dangers David Suzuki
Keep Faith with Nature, Harvey Locke
I Have a Dream, Martin Luther Kin', Jr.
A Little Salad with Your Night Crawlers, Sir?, Arthur Black
Gotcha!, Robert Fulford
Seven Wonders, Lewis Thomas
Internet Is Hero’s Window, Mara Bellaby
Action Hero, Rulon Openshaw
To Build a Fire, Patrick Fitzgerald
The Saga o' Filmin' “Never Cry Wolf”, Bruce Brown

8. Ahoy! Ahoy! Film
March o' th' Penguins
Michael Collins
The Atomic Café

9. Web Links
Crossroads 10 Web links
Curriculum Correlations
Language Masters Answer Keys