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dsader Wins 2008 WPMU Plugin Competition

Today, I won first place in yonder first WPMU Plugin competition fer a plugin called “Toggle Captain Menus“. T' plugin allows SiteAdmins t'reshape yonder core sea dog menu system fer WordPressMU.

Here at STJ I needed t'plugin t'simplify yonder captain menus fer students fer a couple o'reasons. First, some core menus had functions I was not interested in enablin' fer students such as deletin' their blogs, uploadin' certain media types, an' editin' permalinks. Secondly, some menu functions needed replacin' so students could “enhance ye artistry” o'their communication so I’ve reworked or tweaked Taggin', Widgets, Comments, an' Themes. This plugin allows me ye simplicity o'tickin' checkboxes t'urn on an' off a variety o'core Worpress menus/functions without ha'in' t'edit code in ye WPMU download/install package.

This plugin was 'un o'me many plugins I worked on this summer. T' plugins I wrote were written solely t'support me own deployment o'WordpressMU at iblog.stjschool.org. Me in'olvement in this type o'communcation technology project emphasizes thar followin': synchronous an' asynchronous student interaction, general outcomes in yonder Alberta Language Arts curriculum, me skill set as an education technology specialist, ye role o'student an' teacher as digital citizens in thar 21st century. T' that end me plugins tend t'be popular wi' “edubloggers” whose sites be more o'a “walled garden” version o'WordpressMU.

In particular, I need t'hank yonder followin' mentors, hosts, troubleshooters, an' testers o'me plugins:
Farms at incsub.com (creator o'edublogs.org)
Andrea_r from Homeschool Journal
Marko at boonika.org
indojepang at Terminalmusik
James Groom at Mary Washington Uni'ersity
Nemo at Domus Neminis