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Poetry Contest fer Grades 9 an' 10

A while aft I recei'ed thar followin' in'itation:

A Panacea o'Poetry East Central be ha'in' a poetry contest! It will be positi'ely poetic an' panoptic!

Ye first phase we undertook in Grades 9 an' 10 was t'explore Ladders t'har Dark. Ye first poem was published, April 21, 2009. An' today 38 students have written over 350 poems, fragments, an' musin's.

Links t'all published poems can be found at our Queneau blog, aka Random Poetry, in thar comments section followin' each exercise.

Now, here’s wha' I would like t'see from students, today:

  1. Write a post that contains links t'hree o'yer best poems an'/or links t'hree o'yonder best poems written by yer classmates
  2. Submit a comment below wi' a link t'hat post.
  3. Return t'his blog later today t'find out who I’ve seleted t'ad'ance t' next phase

Today, three poems in Grade 9 an' three poems from Grade 10 will be entered in t'next phase o'thar contest.

Winners(an' prizes???) o'A Panacea o'Poetry will be announced June 15, 2009.

Good luck.

UPDATE: 3:30PM May 6, 2009
T' Finalists:
Grade 9
Me Mind Be High
In t'Midst o'thar Fire
Grade 10
Turnin' Aft