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Big changes in the Mac Lab

The new MacPro server is set up and ready to go and each new iMac is lit up and rolling. Still a couple install bugs I have to sort out: like naming each computer(minor error at startup as Leopard assigns its own name). They should get you to the net and back.

I’ve spent far more time than I wanted setting everything up, but I know the value of an automagic, autonomous Mac lab. Each iMac has the standard out of the box Mac stuff, iTunes, Garageband, Safari. But I’ve added the usual favourites as well: Firefox and Microsoft Office. No Adobe applications yet as there was a mix up somewhere and it hasn’t arrived. The new cameras and their bell’s and whistles should be here soon. I still have to order more audio gear(keyboard and mixer) and other odds and ends. The Comtech blog will have details as they unfold.

The iblogs have been updated, again. Little surprises, mostly. New themes, better support for tagging. Recall how we had to add code to align an image in a post, you’ll like the automagic stuff there too. Trackbacks still do what trackbacks do, but we’ll use Pingbacks from here on in.

Post tagging will be emphasized(3-5 tags per post is enough) which means a post should only need to be in one category. This summer I added tags to all my old posts, but in the process deleted all my categories, so I have new work to do there someday :grrr

I’ve added a new blog devoted to tags called iblog.stjschool.org/tags/. It updates on the fly when any post is published at iblogs.stjschool.org. I’ve written a couple widgets to support the rollout of the sitewide tags blog too.

Reminders about blogging at STJ: abide your signed “Computer Use Agreement.” Set your privacy and comment moderation settings to whatever level is comfortable to you (Private blogs do not appear in the tags blog/widgets, though). Don’t forget to update your blogroll and refresh your tagline.

If you are looking for ideas for your first post, my Random Idea Generator, Focus Question Generator, Critical Thinking Generator, Learning Log Generator are all now plugins you need to activate in order to add them to the Edit Post form. Or you could browse Snowflakes, or Ideas won’t keep.

If you want to boast, help, cry, complain, or belly-ache about something about the site go to the Forums. I need some help, again, choosing the course focus questions . . . hint-hint.

Course Outlines and Reading lists for Language Arts 9, English 10, and English 20.

In 2008/9, each CTS student I teach must earn 2 credits in Information Processing before moving on to the ComTech modules. At least one credit must be in Keyboarding, if you can’t get a second keyboarding credit I recommend Information Highway 2. What Comtech modules will be ready will depend on circumstances in and beyond my control. I have some very interested “Industry Partners” willing to share in our efforts in ComTech.

My son Malcolm took this last image, I like the surreal blur as I puzzle over the Leopard Server install manual in microprint. Notice the 14 inch monitor(circa 1996) The cinema display has since arrived via China–>Alaska–>Ontario–>Calgary–>Edmonton…

Novel Study

Students will listen, speak, read, write, view, and represent to: 

  1. Explore thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences
  2. Comprehend literature and other texts in oral, print, visual, and multimedia forms, and respond personally, critically, and creatively.
  3. Manage ideas and information
    • determine inquiry or research requirements
    • follow a plan of inquiry
  4.  Create oral, print, visual, and multimedia texts, and enhance the clarity and artistry of communication 
  5.  Respect, support, and collaborate with others

Specific Outcomes:

  1. Students will produce a body of evidence in response to 2 novels.(see Random Idea Generator)
  2. Students will internalize focus questions.
  3. Students will infuse ICT outcomes.
  4. Students will produce one “Outside the Box” response.
  5. Students will write a 5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay Exam in response to a teacher selected focus question.
  6. Students will improve their “TIC” (Technique, Insight, Communication)

Learning Activities and Strategies: 

  • Group A: JP, BC, AP, JB, BG
  • Group B: JC, CA, MM, CM, APr
  • Group C: AN, JPo, MP, TS, SdJ
  • Group D: NC, KW, CS, JM, SG
  • Group E: DL, BR, OH, KY

Students will plan a reading/response strategy. 

  • select 2 texts
  • select focus questions
  • map out a response/reading plan to produce a body of evidence
  • determine their “Outside the Box” activity. 
  • must be approved by a group leader and teacher.

Resources and Materials:

  • Of Mice and Men
  • Why Shoot the Teacher
  • The Education of Little Tree
  • Never Cry Wolf
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes
  • Lord of the Flies
  • The Chrysalids 


  • 25% Group Process
  • 25% Body of Evidence
  • 25% “Outside the Box”
  • 25% Exam


  • 3 weeks


  • rubric.png