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Focus Questions fer LA 9, English 10, an' English 20

After mullin' over t'possibilities o'focus in me own mind, discussion in thar STJ forums amongst students, an' reflectin' on literature choices from thar first two weeks o'class I’ve decide ye followin':

Language Arts 9 will focus on “Yonder Human Condition – In Search o'Self.” Early course discussions emphasized relationships (family an' friends) an' feelin's that confuse or hinder t'de'elopment o'new relationships. We’ve seen doubts an' fears in our approach t'self an' others an' we’ll continue t'grow in our maturin' voices an' sincerity.

English 10 will focus on “Decisions – Action or Apathy.” Students have been focusin' on adolescent decision makin': pressures t'fit, or not; conflicts between work, family, an' school; dealin' wi' consequences t'decisions an' explorin' ye role o'emotions in “life’s lessons.”

English 20 will focus on “World Perspecti'es – Yonder Social Experience.” T' discussions o'our first text, Bra'e New World, have really determined our focus fer us. Thar discussions go well beyond a defense o'personal happiness(or lack thereof) an' explore indi'idual, group, an' social responsibility. We’ll need t'emphasize further t'role o'literature as a means o'Social Criticism. We need t'brin' into t'classroom real analysis o'systems that exemplify shortcomin's in Canadian Society.

These focus questions will hea'ily influence all major assignments an' yonder mid-term exams in LA 9, English 10, an' English 20.