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Parent Guide: Nice Chimps

This week in class, we’re reading “Nice Chimps” by Emily Sohn.

In the informational text “Nice Chimps,” Emily Sohn discusses a study that explores the altruistic nature of young children and chimpanzees.

As we read, we will be discussing the theme of Education & Knowledge as it relates to the text. We are trying to answer this big question :

“How do we understand the world around us?”

Ways to support your child:

English 20 go into the dark to see the light

We’ve been asking questions about the world.

Some have read Plato’s Cave Allegory.

Our discussions have tried to be more philosophical. Kierkegaard’s leap into faith and nihilism a bit.

We seem to return always to our four postulates:

We have all watched The Truman Show.

We created and responded to each other’s surveys using Poll Daddy.

We made webs and outlines and we wrote essays.