Thank You Ma’am

The large woman with a large purse makes the story humorous as she is a tall woman with a big purse carrying on her and the hammer and nails make it as Hyperbole that exaggerated the statements of the story. Some of the humorous that happening that the large woman was dragging the boy in the street. The large woman simply turned around and kicked him right square in his blue-jeaned sitter, and then the woman reached down, picked the boy up by his shirt front, and shook him until his teeth rattled it also humorous story has the woman shook him until his teeth started to rattle.


The reason why the story deals with a serious subject was that the boy attempt to steal the lady’s purse without the boy’s reason and also the large woman starting to bounce the boy while she was holding him in the shirt. It also how the boy was homeless because he got not foods and clothes to buy as he really wanted the blue suede shoes that he wanted to get also you can work hard for the things you wanna get or if you are a homeless person just ask for the foods or money because sometimes people don’t use money for good things they use it for bad things like buying alcohol or drugs which is not a good thing for your health and would probably risk your own life.


It would probably change Roger’s life has Mrs.Jones give him a lesson not to steal anymore and buy the money that Mrs.Jones give to him or Roger can give the money to someone who is homeless too or just buy the money to buy for his clothes because stealing money is not an option people work hard for their money every single day they work just to buy things that they wanna get but people would just steal it without any reason has Jesus said never shall steal someone money or you will be judged in the heaven.


The things that a stranger had done for me is that helping me to carry some heavy stuff that I can’t carry and open the doors for me, also returning back what I lost and giving it back to me and if I’m the one who found their wallet or stuff that they have lost I will turn it back to them because giving things back to someone really means a lot not only you made yourself happy you also made someones happy by giving things that they have lost .


The things you should never ever do is stealing because it is also against the law and also God’s word it can also lead you to jail or prison has God will judge you in heaven of why you tried to steal someones things like money or phones because a lot of events where robbing and stealings happen all around the world have we are destroying our humanity and faith to each one of us and not being peaceful has God wanted to be faithful and generous to each other.

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