Assessment Activity: Who am I

Do you always ask yourself why we have a different similarity just like the way we look the talents we have and how we respect others also of how we respect ourselves, and we can’t also tell what talents that we got because God only knows about it? Do you sometimes ask who you are, what makes you unique, how others see you, what do you want others to know and see about you? For me, it’s all about being simple, have the knowledge, and how we respect others as we respect ourselves because if that’s how people see about you they won’t judge you as others do.


I am Edrowel Pacaro the things that represent something about me is being funny and kind to my friends or to the other people. The attitudes that I have to myself is how I can manage to respect others as respect to myself and show the love to my family and to Jesus. The strengths that I have is the family that I got and they are the only one who supports me.


The talents that I have is how I can be able to play basketball and volleyball also be able to join tournaments in our school. My hopes and my dreams in the future are to buy my own house and a nice looking car also to be able to graduate in high school and to have a better job. The hopes that I want about myself are the things that I wanna succeed in my life as well to live in a better life.


The things that I like about myself are a sense of humour being funny and also there to make my family laugh and also my friends, and one of the important things about having a sense of humour is how I can manage to keep people happy even though they are having a bad mood or feeling lonely and sad. Caring and soft-hearted, I care for people who are feeling down and I also care about other people’s needs over my own.


Basketball is one of my favourite sports, not only it represents about me it always help me with some other movements about basketball on how to shoot properly, and how to play more aggressively and play it for fun. My position in basketball are shooting guard, center, small forward, and sometimes point guard if Mr. Wheelan really wants me to play as a point guard. The reason why I wanna become good at basketball is to help kids learn how to shoot properly and the right movements they should know how to do it.


Volleyball is my second favourite sports, not only how to learn to move faster and smash or hit the ball in the ground, but it also helps me to communicate with my teams and it also helps me to interact with each one of us and help each other as a team. My position in volleyball is an outside hitter, setter, opposite hitter. Last year I’ve joined volleyball for the first time because I know it would be fun and I did not expect we would win highway 16 and Mackenzie cup that’s why it was the best year of my life.


Badminton is my third favourite sports, I learn a lot of things about badminton I learn how to keep your movements on the right track and learn on how to focus on one thing, and if you always do your best you are more likely to succeed. Sometimes I play solo and duo in badminton my position is to move forward to claim the front of the court. I’ve been playing badminton since when I was a kid I always play with my sister sometimes with my cousin but when I move to Canada I learn a lot of things about badminton and I wanted to learn more about it.


Delivering paper used to be my work, I usually get paid 40 bucks every weekend, per day and you also have to deliver even when time gets to midnight, even in school days.  Sometimes it gets difficult to work in winter, especially when its pouring snow because you have to deliver papers in every house. I really enjoy working delivering the paper because it is like exercising and keeps me active but the only worst I don’t like about delivering the paper is when there is pouring snow and really cold at midnight.


Cutting grass is the second job that I work on last summer, I get called by one of my clients to cut their grass when it gets longer and thicker. I usually cut the grass by line to make it perfect and neat. Cutting grass is really fun to do when it’s summer because it keeps you awake and active in the morning rather than being lazy at home play video games and do nothing to the rest of the day.


Volunteer like helping people is one of the jobs that I work on I get paid nearly the amount of how much money they are going to give to me but sometimes they give a high amount of money if I help a lot. Volunteering is a fun and easy way to explore my interests and passions. Doing volunteer work me find meaningful and interesting also it can be relaxing.


It’s important to know of who you are that how you can be able to manage to respect your self as you respect others, and the most important things about being who am I is how things can be planned well as well of how we can manage important stuff as you are planning to work ahead on how you can be able to find a better job and live in good ways. If you dream about being good at your favourite sports like basketball, volleyball and any kind of sports that you like is you always have to work hard and always plan ahead. The hopes and dreams that you wanted always have to go in step by step because if you rush them the things that you wanted in your life won’t happen so always to make sure that you are doing them right.

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