Your Favourite Hobbies

The three favourite hobbies that I do in my daily life, the first is watching all the different types of article that I can possibly see or when it shows up into my social media and it can also help me in the future that this article that I have seen or read before would benefit me to not struggle when it comes to the time when I needed the article to solve my solution. Reading some of the histories on the internet made me want to read more, back then I was too lazy and always on my phone just to play games which doesn’t really benefit me but now that I am more matured I became less on playing games and not be addicted as when I was before on my youth age.


Second favourite hobbies that I do was to take care of dogs because I am a pet lover especially when it comes to the animal, but sometimes they can get a little annoying and frustrating we have three dogs in our home and two of them are grown up and trained their breed is Silky Terrier except for one of them which is Bichon Frise and we just had them last month it is also three months old which is just a puppy and always had to take care of it when it runs around the house as well we had to clean out his poop and pee which is the worst thing about puppy because they are not developed or trained to take care for themselves.


Third favourite hobbies that I like doing is to go outside to play basketball and volleyball in the park, sometimes to go for a walk or do biking with friends especially when it is hot outside bringing friends with you can be fun and chill at the same time because you and your friends can talk to each other and tell about life rather than staying at home doing nothing. There is also a lot of activities that you can do when going outside as well you can see the beautiful nature such as trees, rocks, clouds, and more.

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