Leaving Home

Leaving home is one of the most difficult decisions to be made and especially for the parents who really love their daughter/son, but they can only choose one option to either stay with there parents or be independent of themselves because if there daughter/son stay with the parents how can they be able to handle on taking care of their self without the help of a parent, usually most of the people who leave at home know what is the best for them to know what it is like to be outside without parents help or being around with them. That is why it is important to know how you can be independent without being given a hand by the parents and be able to lift yourself up and not be scared outside because they don’t have their parents beside them.

It’s the beginning of the summer and just finished my high school in Grade 12 as I was excited and afraid at the same time because it is the moment that I’ve been waiting for to go into College and started my new life, talking to my parents and telling them that I’ll be leaving in my comforting home but in the same time it makes my hardest decision to be made if I would be able to take care of myself and go out to the boundary that my parent’s provided me since when I was a kid, and now that I am an adult person who just graduated from Grade 12 and starting my new life in College or University is the best moment that happens through the sacrifice that my parents gave me to be able to graduate from high school and going towards to another journey.

The memories that my friends created are the most memorable day to remember when you and your friends have been together for a long time and even growing up together, it is important to make new friends and to communicate with others as you move towards in College and leaving the love one’s at home to be independent and go outside to take care of yourself will be beneficial because if you need help when the time comes that you have problems to deal with, there is a friend that you can talk and trust them when you need it. Being accepted as who I am also important when going outside because I might get judge by other people if I was welcome to them and If they would treat me right which can be tough/terrifying at the same time but it motivates me to get stronger and be more independent.

Doing what I love is still my hobbies even though I move up and doing my college without my parents and my friends beside me, being able to go to a party, play games, and hang out with friends that I have met in College are the best to feels like that you are back in the same way of the past but in the new life with new people. Staying connected at home would still feel that I have my parents/friends in me as I brought back the memories in my imagination to feel connected with them or call them whenever I wanted to, also knowing that I am not alone because God is always on my side to where I go and protecting me while I’m on a path with myself only with no others but with God beside me.

The conclusion to this paragraph is that being independent can change people’s personality as they know how to take care of themselves without their parents and expected that they would stay by there side for a long time, it can also affect other people when going into College because they feel scared and afraid as they don’t want to be alone and cannot take care of themselves.  

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