Why Does God Allow Suffering

When Father Mike said that the real answer to why God allows suffering is because looking around this world there’s so much suffering there’s so much evil in the world, as well as physical evil, for example, people getting sick and dying. There can also be morals like evil people doing evil things. They tend to have the freedom to be good. We also have the freedom to be evil without the freedom to choose evil. The lord is allowing this world to be broken. He created this world good and then we broke it and he also allows it to be broken so that we can be free.

I agree with it, just because we experience pain doesn’t mean we’ll learn from it. We have a choice in our pain and it’s easy to choose anger, bitterness, and unbelief. I’ve experienced all of these in my pain. But if we’re open to learning through our pain there’s so much good that can come from it. So if suffering can be used for a greater good, if it’s meant to develop character, then it’s plausible that a loving God would allow pain. Pain and a loving God can coexist. Not only can pain and love coexist but when you choose to love you risk pain. It’s an unavoidable chance you take if you want to experience love.



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