How to Get Real Friends

What are the things we need for friendship? True Friendship and true community create availability and vulnerability, which availability is being available to always be on other’s side and support them for being true friends, vulnerability to open up with self as well as to be honest whether it is a stranger. Without judging you, good friends will be willing to help you. Even if they do not agree with anything you do, by listening to you, showing kindness, and sticking with you through good and bad times, they can always demonstrate that they care. Through interfering, good friends will let you freely express yourself. To existing friends and acquaintances, pay attention. Note how you and other people are treated by them.

I agree it can be hard to find and keep true friends, but they are friends who are going to be there for you, who are not going to criticize you, and who is going to stand up for you, even though you don’t agree with anything. Seeking and making real friends can be difficult, but it is possible if you know what attributes to look for, put yourself out there to meet new people, and show real interest. In order to make and keep real friends, it is also important to avoid fake friends and be a good friend yourself. True friends are going to be curious as to what’s happening in your life. They’ll ask you how you’re doing, and they’ll be careful to hear the answer. Individuals who inquire about your views and thoughts in your everyday interactions. 

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