Do All Good People go to heaven?

Do All Good People go to heaven? In his / her life, every single person who can choose between right and wrong has made wrong choices, since the Bible says unambiguously and without a doubt that we are all sinners. We’ve all fallen short of God’s glory. How nice you are, It’s not necessary. It is also popular to interpret the entrance to heaven on the basis of our deeds rather than the grace of God. But a method of redemption focused on works is external to Christ’s message. It is not contingent on a continuum of good and evil whether or not one reaches heaven, in which we hope our good deeds outweigh our bad ones. Why is the road that leads to destruction that the other way around is why the path is narrow to the path of life, and “be a good person” does the will of God as well as none of them; and it is probably safer that way because everybody has a different idea of what is good, particularly today. Christ has given us everything we need in order to go to heaven. He wants all of us, including you, to be at his wedding feast, but unless you do what is required to get to the wedding, you will not be there.


I agree that although certain “evil” individuals will need punishment, most of them are normally “good” and entitled to heaven. The stance that sees individuals as generally good and entitled to heaven appears to make the mistake of seeing human nature as fundamentally good. Striving to contend that the individual struggles against temptation and strives for the reality in controversy or conflict pursued by or before the individual. The legislator is God. God’s the one who makes the rules. The concept of morality is created by God. The root of goodness and virtue, he alone is. He defines what is good and what is bad. Consequently, if there were no God, what possible justification would we have for right and wrong? At best, it would all be arbitrary, and man might determine that any kind of conduct is good and reasonable, no matter how reprehensible you or I might think it is.


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