MyBlueprint Sidebar Menu

The top of the sidebar is labeled Home, when clicked it displays four options, Dashboard, Activities, Goals, and Portfolios. The Dashboard is the home page, where you start after logging in. It display activities (goals, course-planning, extracurricular activities, etc), suggested programs (Ex. different colleges and courses), suggested occupations (likely based on the courses you take), and recent articles (mainly about the website). Under the Activities section, there is a summary of completed activities, showing how much you have done, and how much can be done. The Goals section is very self explanatory, it’s for setting goals (financial, school related, work related, etc). The Portfolios section is for keeping track of your existing portfolios.

The next section down is labeled Who Am I, it includes surveys about learning styles, interests, personalities, knowledge, and motivations, they help you see yourself in the eyes of both yourself and others with the questions they ask.

The next two sections are High School and Post Secondary. High School is specifically for planning high school courses, while Post Secondary includes Apprenticeship, College & University, and Workplace. Apprenticeship is a page for planning occupations you wish to join, an how long you want to be enrolled for. College & University is a course planning page, which also includes location information (province, city, university information/requirements). Workplace displays different occupations and their estimated salaries.

After Post Secondary comes Work, where you can view careers and their estimated salaries or search for a job to view details on it. It also has pages where you can document your resumes or cover letters. Money is the next topic, where you are able to create and view your budgets, in order to save money for something. The final section, Guides and Articles, is a page that provides information about the programs on the website.

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