MyBlueprint Learning Styles Survey

After taking the Learning Styles survey, the result was that I am a Visual -Kinesthetics Learner. All three learning styles are very close, according to the survey, 34% of my responses were that of a visual learner, 34% that of a Kinesthetics learner, and 33% were that of an auditory learner, so very close to being equal in all areas. When working I mostly use┬ámethods that involve vision or speaking. For example when preparing for tests I mostly reread my notes, and say them to my self. When working I sometimes quietly narrate what I’m doing. I do pace sometimes when trying to remember things, I also play volleyball, basketball, badminton, and soccer, which I enjoy, so I can assume this is where I gain┬ásome Kinesthetics learning properties. When under stress, I often fidget, walk around, and sometimes talk to myself as well.

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