MyBlueprint Personality Survey

I took the Personality Survey on MyBlueprint and I found out that my personality type is INFP (The Healer). INFP is an acronym for introverted, intuiting , feeling, and perceiving. According to the overview, “INFPs are creative, artistic, idealistic, and spiritual. They believe everybody is uniquely individual. Always optimistic, they focus their energy on remaining positive and follow their hearts when making a decision. They are spontaneous, quirky, and independent and use their personal beliefs and values as a guide for their actions.” I find that I partially fit this personality type, I am not very artistic, whereas I do try to be optimistic and re-assuring, especially towards myself. I often find myself using my personal experiences, feelings, or religious background influencing my actions or the decisions I make, and I usually try to make decisions on my own. The summary also states that people of this personality type form strong attachments to the people, things, or places that they care about, and that they often lend support to other people. This applies to me quite well, the friends I do have are usually close friends, and I support them as well as other people when they need it. From what I’ve seen, INFPs are people who have supportive or leadership roles.


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