MyBlueprint Interests Survey

Upon finishing the Interests Survey, I was informed that my interest type is The Consultant (IE), IE stands for Investigative and Enterprising. The text says that “Always deep in thought, the Consultant also looks for ways to capitalize on their knowledge. They are natural problem solvers with very good interpersonal and communication skills.” I find that I fit this description as I work relatively well in areas of problem solving, I also try to expand my knowledge in the areas I may be lacking and I work to capitalize on my existing knowledge and comprehension. The two primary interest traits are Investigative and Enterprising. Investigative interest mostly involves working using one´s mind, such as through curiosity, reasoning, ideas, logic, or science. I prefer to use thought, reading, or writing when working rather than using “hands on” methods. Enterprising occupations usually require leadership and the willingness to take risks. While I don’t often take risks, I do take leadership roles when I can, though mostly on sports teams.

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