Respond Creatively to Barney

September 14

left to fend for myself on this lonely island. Nothing to do but wonder taking my regular stroll the lab, up and around tubes of funny green stuff I spend my evenings being tempted. Other nights my will power gives out, and the need for those powerful narcotics takes my mind hostage. The electrifying feeling I get from just one taste makes me keep coming back for more and more and more. It’s not the taste but the feeling I get that send shivers from the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail.

September 17

The lab is filled with many viles and beakers full of mysterious liquids. I’ve become accustomed to the taste of many them, they all take a different effect on me. They fill me with pleasure and help me forget that it is just me here all by myself. I get an instant high from some but others take longer to kick. Picking random solutions to drink is like a game,it’s what I do for fun since I have nothing else to do.

September 20

My stomachs on fire I have never felt so weird in my life. I am sweating an my paws are tingling. What is going on with me? Is it possible that the solutions have finally changed me. I know I have an addiction and  that all this is nothing more than chemical reactions occurring in my stomach. I am chocking my air ways are closing up I I I I………

September 20 later that day

This afternoon I woke up a new rat. The chemical reaction that occurred deep inside my stomach, caused me grow. I am now larger than life, I tower high in the sky’s  so high that I look down at my lonely island. I am more powerful than ever my four wimpy rat legs have been replaced with large muscular legs much like a dinosaur ,my teeth are sharp and pointy like knives.  As I look into the distance I see lands not to far away. Lands I’ve never seen before seeing this only makes me think to weather those lands have always been there or are they just a hallucination brought on by the strange combinations of narcotics pulsing through my veins .They must be real I thought to myself  and in that instant I suddenly got an idea, If there was other rats in those not so far away lands I would no longer be by myself. My body’s new transition would help me swim across the sea. I am no longer Barney a helpless rat who occasionally likes to take sips of unlabeled concoctions. I am Barnzilla ready to take off into the distance and rid myself of loneliness.


Unfinished Business

I’ve never had to fight, I went through school got an education and never once had to fight for it. Of course I fought with my parents over failing grades or late assignments, but never the privilege to go to school. At sixteen school definitely did not feel like a privilege but more of a prison sentence. Little did I know that my education was my ticket to a better future and I was taking it for granted. I was the master of getting by, I was never an honours student nor did I desire to be. Instead of worrying about studying for test I was more concerned of what outfit I was going to wear to school that day and if everyone would like it. Only to get to the test and panic as I struggled to answer the very first question. A passing grade was good enough for me, but eventually that passing grade just wasn’t good enough anymore. My future seemed so far away yet so close at the same time. It was the choices and decisions I made towards my education that would define the fate of my rather sudden future. What if I had no choice? What if education wasn’t even an option? What would that mean for my future? I was so oblivious to the world I lived, my narrow mind lead me to believe everyone was like me. I neglected to see beyond my world and realize that their is so much more.

I thought that everyone went to school, that school was a thing that everyone had to do. The things I thought to be so little were in fact the things people were laying their lives on the line for. Watching the news and hearing stories of the everyday fight girls in countries such as Pakistan,Afghanistan and India all go through as they fight for the for the right to an education.


Fighting to be recognized in man’s world, is the ongoing battle of women of around the world. There are well over 20 prominent nations across the world that continue to discriminate against women by preventing from learning. Why is it that men are more willing to strap bombs to women’s backs and hand them guns, but the thought of an educated women is what frightens them the most. We are all human’s hand made by God himself, all so the same but so different at the same time. Our differences should be the things that set us apart and make us unique, our differences such as gender shouldn’t be the thing to set us back but the thing brings us together.

“ I believe that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century”  Hillary Clinton.  For centuries women have been recognized as the inferior sex, however women continue to break down barriers and defy expectations. Feminist advocates have been paving the way for equality for generations, but it is up to us to live in their legacy and continue to prove over and over again that women’s rights are just as important as those of men. Like Hilary states that equality is still unfinished business and we should not hide behind the obstacles put in our way but do everything in our power to break through them and look forward to a brighter future. We are more than housewives, we have surpassed the era June Cleaver  and we have sturt into a brand new era of independence. Women across North America have traded in their high heels and pearls for a set a steal toed boots as they make there way out of house and into the workforce. Education is one huge factor that has pushed women to be more independent and influenced the change. By standing together women have created a network of hope for the female population. It’s the power and strength portrayed by today’s most influential women that has helped promote progress in the movement towards gender equality in education. External forces take pride in helping  developing countries who struggle with inequality and help shrink the gender gap. Gender equality is a basic human right it is as simple as that, women are humans to and just as entitled to live a life of dignity as the next person. Right now gender equality remains nothing more than unfulfilled promises. But by standing as one women have the capability of changing things and making them right.

An under educated person is nothing more than an empty vessel. Like food nourishes the body education is what nourishes the mind. Education is what makes us a right thinker, it is what shows us how to think and make decisions. Education is not only crucial for personal development but also should eventually transforms into social development.  Educations is the only means that helps one understand their history,culture,religion and to some extent their own self. We are all human both male and female, all deserving of the same human rights.


I am a women strong,independent and educated. I make my own decisions and don’t let others make them for me. I am proud to live in a country that recognizes me as human and nothing less. It is my turn to promote change in the children of this generation before it is to late.In society we often take many freedoms such as education for granted due to the fact that we are so fortunate. As a teen I lacked ambition, saw the world through rose coloured glasses. Only seeing the things I wanted to see. Failing to recognize that knowledge was in fact a gift, not a punishment. It’s taken me my entire life to realize that their is so much pain in this world, but what I never knew is that the pain of others that would give me the strength to find pride in myself. Learning and acknowledging the issues of others has gave me the courage to be more than average, to not take advantage of the gifts life hands to me. With my strength I will break down each and every obstacle set in my way. Gender equality in education is only one piece in the puzzle. It’s time we fight together for the human rights we are entitled to and take care of all this unfinished business.



Highway 63

Smoke continues to billow over the city.

You can hear and see the helicopters dropping water from up above.

The drastic change in wind

Sent the wildfire into city limits

Tonight this city is practically is a ghost town

Because they have ordered everyone out

A wall of flame leaped up on the side of Highway 63

We had 10 minutes

After the flames jump the river we were forced from our home

Bumper to bumper we travel south on Highway 63

Tonight the whole world will tune in

To watch as the flame takes our homes captive

To watch us count our blessings

And say goodbye

It’s about what we still got

Not what we have lost




Respond to Afrika Road By Don Mattera

I sit in class each day blinded by the white walls. The walls so white I see my reflection, My reflection is cast on the white walls as a shadow only to be seen by me .Stoic and full of judgement my reflection lays upon the face of the wall. I wish I could break through the wall,but something always holds me back. Constantly I have to remind myself of my true color, as they try to paint me white. No matter how many coats they paint on my walls I will never change. As they chip away and try to cover me up my dark holes always find a way of shining through. Why is it they we claim to have gotten rid of the confederate ways, but our halls are still haunted by the confederate names. Painted along the white walls, Nathan Bedford Forrest name written with pride. I struggle to wear his name with pride when the only thing I can associate it with is pain. I’ve been branded by the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a man that advocated extremist reactionary currents such as white supremacy across my people. They believed that being white made you pure, that being colored was something worth being punished for. They tried to break down the colored walls of my people. But here I stand, I may be a minority here within the white walls I stand.


Responding Creatively to Wild Horses By Brian Fawcett

I don’t know if she’ll ever shut up. She doesn’t even know I am mad at her, and there she sits blabbing on as if she did nothing wrong. It all started a week or so ago when I was the last one in our entire class to find out that my own sister and Jackson Carpenter were in fact dating. You think as her sister I’d be the first one to know, instead of the very last. For the past week every second word that’s came from my dear sweet sisters mouth has started with J and ended with a N.  To think she calls Jackson her boyfriend, when for years she called him the troll that lived next door. I drowned out her voice as she tells me stories of what her and Jackson did earlier this evening, but I could honestly care less. I hid my book beside my leg so Trisha thinks I am listening,when in fact the only thing I hear is Anna Sewell words ringing through my head. Her poetic writing that I have read a million times has its way of melting my heart each time. I run my fingers over the wrinkled cover,thinking about how they all got there. Being twins me and Trisha have had to share almost everything. Crayons,shoes,books,hair bows we had very little that we could call our own,But now Trisha did and had nothing.

“Stephanie! Trisha! Johnathan!, I am home come down stair” our mother called out from bottom of the stair.Me and Trisha made our way to down the stairs, as Johnathan gallops past us as fast as he can and wraps his arms tightly around our mothers waist. I knew I was probably in trouble when my mothers eyes saw the sink stacked high with dishes. Trisha had been out with Jackson and skipped super so it had only been me and Johnathan. I brought supper to my father who worked just down the hall, he worked from home as an accountant but is always so busy we don’t even realize he’s even home. My mother works as full-time semesters at the local dress shop and works very long hours and usually never makes it home to eat supper with us. Trisha hasn’t been around lately so for me the work load has doubled and well Johnathan is more a nuisance than any help to me. I catch my mothers stare and immediately feel my veins run cold. She doesn’t say a word but her expression speaks for her.  Trisha just sits there staring at the ceiling like a horse dreaming of its next carrot. My mothers disappointment quickly phases me,as I remember my anger towards Trisha.

I couldn’t help but feel betrayed, all I wish is that my own sister would have told me herself. Trisha nudge me in the shoulder and whispered in my ear”she doesn’t know, keep quite”. Now she wanted me to lie to our mother, my anger was slowly growing and all I wanted to do was scream at her. Instead I shook my head agreement, and covered for my sister. After conversing with our mother, I was dismissed to the kitchen to do the dishes that should have been done at least an hour ago when me and Johnathan finished eating.As I sat there elbow deep in soapy water I looked out the window into our front yard.As I gaze out the window I see movement coming from the side of the house. I though to myself it was probably just animals ,but just as that thought crossed my mind Trisha and Jackson rustled out hand in hand from the side of the house. Trisha smiled as bright as the sun as she stared directly into Jackson’s eyes. She was sick, struck by cupids arrow and stuck in a daze. Maybe I was not angry but jealous but whatever I was feeling it made my stomach feel as if it’s doing back-flips. I continued to watch as they hopped into his car. Hopelessly in love they drove away.

Once I finished dishes I walked up to our bedroom and threw myself on to my bed. As I laid there on my back and the cool summer breeze trickled in through the open window. I wondered over to window which was placed around four feet off the ground. I pulled the window shut knowing that it was recently used as Trisha escape door. I shock that though from my head and laid back down. As I reached over to grab my book. I realized that  it was not in the same spot I had left it. I scanned the  room up and down for the book tearing the room apart looking for book almost didn’t hear the faint tap at the door. I turned around and quickly threw the door opened. Jonathan stood in the door way staring at his feet. Next thing I knew he was unfolding arms to revile the book I thought I left on my bed. “I hope you don’t mind but I borrowed this, while you were downstairs doing dishes.” Johnathan stared at me with a smile and handed me the book.I took the book from his hands and walked backwards towards my bed. I plopped myself  on the corner of the bed an fanned through the pages with one finger. As I stared down at the book,Jonathan’s quite voice broke the silence. “Would you mind reading to me?” His question surprised me,but agreed to read to him and we laid back into my bed. Johnathan laid his head on my shoulder as I read to him. I read and read and I read, untill I looked over and saw that Johnathan had clothed his eyes.As I sat there looking at my baby brother asleep by my side, my anger towards Trisha started ease away.

Johnathan and Black Beauty were my simple reminder of the days we spent as children playing horse our backyard. The days when boys had cooties and Jackson was disgusting. As I sit here and stare at Jonathan I realize that he no longer a little boy. He is no longer the boy who would stand and all fours for hours just because we told him . He was grown up and Trisha was growing up, so I guess maybe it’s my turn. We are the same people we were back then but we have changed. However we are still wild horses and that I know will never change.

Responding Critically The Friday Everything Changed By Anne Hart

What is a stereotype? a stereotype is to believe that all people and things of a certain characteristic are the same. In the story ‘The Friday everything changed” the theme highlighted is gender inequality and gender stereotypes.Everyday in Alma’s Junior Red Cross class the teacher picks two male students to carry the water, the only time during that class when any of the boys peeled there eyes away from there National Geographic Books was to listen and see who would get to carry the water next.Carrying the water didn’t seem like much of privilege but was it ever. The boy who got to carry the water got to miss class, and most the time the boys who went to get the water would stop at the local candy shop on the way back.  Alma a strong willed girl was the only one willing to ask the question. ” Why can’t girls go for water too?” Maybe it’s just the way it’s always been done the tradition that they follow year after year. But it’s the root of that tradition that I believed to be based upon  a stereotype. A stereotype that believes females to be inferior to males, a tradition based on the belief that women don’t deserve the same privileges as those of the men. Kid are more than often the reflection of their parents. Anne Hart may be describing the simple politics of one room school house, but I believe is a metaphor for the politics of mainstream society. To this day we are still divided by the gender stereotypes and gender generalities. From the beginning we are taught that girls and boys are separated by the generalities of gender. When things happen out of the ordinary society is rather unaccepting. Things such as boy dressed in pink to women working construction, over the years things such as these have become more acceptable however these things that are outside of norm come with there own stereotypes. Alma’s push to carry the water is what I believe to be a metaphor for something much bigger than the task itself.

Anne Hearts storey is the bitter sweet reality of todays society. We let stereotypes and generalities  change our way of thinking. We buy into traditions and standards set by external forces we try our best to live by these standards set by others these are the things we let shape our identity and ….

Responding Critically to Barney by Will Stanton

The story of Barney is a story of man vs. rat. The first journal entry on August 30th introduces us to an unnamed character and Barney. This a unique story that highlights themes such as how things react to both freedom and captivity. Barney is what I believe to be a test rat used for studies in a lab, but for a test subject the narrator talks very critically of this rat. One thing I find interesting about the journal entries, is that the narrator a human who I suspect to be a scientist remains unnamed throughout the entire story where the rat Barney is not only named throughout the entire story but name is also the title. Our names give us an identity, without our names what are we. Why did the author decide to name the rat and not the human?

If we never truly know something can we miss it? In the story Barney it describes Barney’s love freedom and his hate confinement.Though we are never told why exactly Barney hates confinement, I am lead to believe that Barney hates confinement simply because he has experienced freedom. If confinement was the only thing Barney knew he would truly not know of anything better than what he’s got. If we are unaware of anything else than what we have I believe we are not capable of missing it. But as soon as we are given that little bit of change that little bit of freedom that taste of something we never knew existed, We especially as humans get addicted and forget about how we ever lived without it. We witness this on a very large-scale in today’s society.The evolution of the modern-day  I Phone is an example of how humanity has evolved so much and how people depending on where they are on the age spectrum feel the importance of the cell phone or in particular the I Phone. If you ask any teen-aged kid how long they could last without their cell phone I guarantee they would laugh. This is because the kids of todays society don’t know a life away from the screens of their  I Phones. However people such as my parents are not as attached to their cell phones, because they can remember a life without it. Barney only hates confinement because he knows a life of freedom. Much like my example my parents attachment to their phones is not as grate as mine simply because they know life without them.








Act 3: Considering the Whole Act

I have changed my mind about Old Man Capulet because……

Following the death of Tybalt, Paris comes to Capulet again with the request to marry Juliet. This time instead of turning him away and telling him he has to wait he not only gives his blessing but says the wedding will happen as soon as Thursday. The Capulet we seen in the first act was a man I though was humble and benevolent, someone one who looks beyond the surface. He put Juliet needs before those of others and allowed her to make decisions for herself. However this is not the man we see in the third act,I feel as if Capulet has made a complete turn around since the first act a man who I thought thinks of others turns out to be more selfish than selfless. Though Capulet has never been the most favored character of mine, I believed his character had the potential to be a good loyal person turns out to be the exact opposite. Capulet a man I believed to be a man kept on a short leash by his outspoken wife, a man who saw Romeo for more than just his last name. Capulet is upset with Juliet unwillingness to marry Paris. Juliet’s once respected opinion, is now an opinion she is being punished for.  “There’s fear and violence under the surface. One always follows the other.” James W. Bodden. Two of the greatest fears we hold as humans is the fear of death and the fear of being alone, these fears go hand in hand. As much as Capulet fears these things for himself he also fears them for his daughter.  Paris is what Capulet thinks is his insurance that Juliet will not be alone. This fear of Capulet very much  hides beneath surface and it fuels his violent temper tantrum. This is when I changed my mind about Capulet, I saw strength in Capulet when he stood up to his nephew and allowed Romeo to stay at the party, but in this act Capulet shows a much weaker side of himself as he tares his daughter apart by spitting slander into her face. Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris is nothing more than her staying true to her vows that she has already made to God and Romeo. When Lady Capulet a neglectful mother who seems to care for nobody’s needs but her own comes to Juliet’s defense, is when Capulet true self his true weakness shines above the surface.

I would like to know more about what motivated Paris to come to Capulet again so soon after he previously told him he was going to have to wait…….

Paris was told by Capulet in the beginning of play that the soonest a wedding between him and Juliet was to take place would happen in a minimum of two years. For a man told to wait he shows up couple days later asking the same question. Though this time when Paris asked the answer is different, I would like to know what motivated Paris to come around the second time. After being given a timeline what motivate Paris to come around so soon. The obvious conclusion is Tybalt’s sudden death. But I believe Paris is a character that is one that struggles with waiting, In last years film study of the terminal we analyzed Peoples capability to wait. Paris character to me is one like a Amelia a person who incapable of waiting. I believe that it is Paris’ own self-righteousness that leads him to the Capulet house for a second chance for permission. Paris is a man who is used to getting what he wants so when he told to wait it only makes him want it “her” even more.


Act 2: Considering the Whole Act

Romeo: Doctor, I have no clue what has come over me. I feel as if all the air in my lungs has been taken away. I am sorry I came so unannounced, but my body has been over taken by a force that pulls me in ever direction. My mind spins so fast that all my sense seems to have disappeared. And my heart, it feels like its been set a flame.

leech, I has’t no clue what hath cometh ov’r me. I feeleth as if ‘t be true all the air in mine lungs hath been taken hence. I am my most humble apology I cameth so unannounced, but my body hath been ov’r taken by a force that pulls me in ever direction. My mind spins so fast that all sense seemeth to has’t disappeared. And mine heart, t doth feel like its been setteth a flame.

Physician: Young man, I knew the second I saw you what your troubles were. You have a fire in your heart that burns so bright I can see it your eyes. I wouldn’t have thought a man like yourself would be so foolish. Because the sickness you speak of is simply incurable.Love, Romeo love is the force that has taken your breath away, sent your mind spinning and pulled your body apart. I am sorry son but the cure you are looking for can not be found in the form of a pill. You and me both know the cure and she has a name . I can not offer you a prescription however  I can offer you some advise that may help you with your heavy heart, but I am afraid that is all.

Young sir, I kneweth the second I saw thee what thy troubles wast. thou has’t a fire in thy heart that burns so bright I can see it thy eyes. I wouldn’t has’t bethought a sir like yourself would beest so motley-minded. Because the sickness thee speaketh of is simply incurable. Love, Romeo love is the force that hath taken thy breath hence, hath sent thy mind spinning and pulled thy body apart.I am my most humble apology son but the cure thee art looking for can not beest hath found in the form of a pill. thee and me both knoweth the cure and she hath a name.  I can not giveth thee a prescription I can giveth thee some advise that may help thee with thy heavy heart, but I am afraid that is all.

Romeo: Advise, are you sure that is the only thing you have to offer me. You have no potion to ease the ache of my heart, the moment my eyes saw her I instantly felt something ignite inside me. At first I loved the rush the young lady gave me it was like I finally woke up from a curse I didn’t know I was under.She was wearing a mask so I could not see her face , but I could see that she had these curious eyes that welcomed me with open arms. If I known when we kissed that her touch would make me so ill maybe I could have fought the urge to be beside her.

Advise, art thee sure that is the only thing thou has’t to giveth me. thou has’t no potion to ease the ache of mine heart, the moment mine eyes saw that lady I instantly hath felt something ignite inside me. At first I loved the drive the young lady gaveth me twas like I finally woke up from a curse I didn’t knoweth I wast under. The lady wast wearing a mask so I could not see that lady visage, but I could see that the lady hadst these curious eyes that welcomed me with ope arms. if ‘t be true I known at which hour we kissed that that lady touch would maketh me so ill maybe I could has’t fought the urge to beest beside that lady.  

Physician:Many young men and women have walked through my doors searching for the very same cure. I continue to search but have never found a remedy that eases the pain of heart ache. I’ve experimented developing new potions and pills but never have been able to uncovered anything quite strong enough to scorch the flame the love starts in our hearts.Love is complicated we don’t chose it and we can definitely not cure the pain it brings us. For some love does not bring pain but joy, tell me Romeo why is it that you want to fall out of love what stands in the way of your heart.

Many young men and women has’t hath walked through mine doors searching for the very same cure. I continueth to search but has’t nev’r hath found a remedy that eases the pain of heart ache. I’ve experimented developing new potions and pills but nev’r has’t been able to uncovered anything quite stout enough to scorch the flame the love starts in our hearts.Love is complicated we don’t hath chosen t and we can forsooth not cure the pain t bringeth us. For some love doest not bringeth pain but joy, telleth me Romeo wherefore is that thee wanteth to falleth out of love what standeth in the way of thy heart.


Romeo:A name, her name . If only our Waring households could put their ancient grudge to rest, me and Juliet’s love could flourish. I wear her love upon my sleeve, I made her a promise to marry and I am afraid that going through with it will bring more bad then good.

A name, that lady name. if ‘t be true only our Waring households could putteth their ancient grudge to rest, me and Juliet’s love could flourish. I wear that lady love upon mine sleeve, I madeth that lady a promise to marry and I am afraid that going through with t’will bringeth more lacking valor then valorous.

Physician:Marriage is a very essential promise between two lovers or non-lovers depending on the circumstance. Marriage is the bondage of two souls, but is not fulfilling unless love is present. We don’t chose to fall in love, we just do. Like I said before some get to feel the joy and others get the sharp pain of heart ache.

Marriage is a very essential promise between two lovers or non-lovers depending on the circumstance. Marriage is the bondage of two souls, but is not fulfilling unless love is present. We don’t hath chosen to falleth in love, we just doth. Like I hath said ere some receiveth to feeleth the joy and others receiveth the sharp pain of heart ache.

I am a Man of Constant Sorrow


I am a Man of Constant Sorrow Lyrics

(In constant sorrow through his days)

I am a man of constant sorrow
I’ve seen trouble all my day.
I bid farewell to old Kentucky
The place where I was born and raised.
(The place where he was born and raised)

For six long years I’ve been in trouble
No pleasures here on earth I found
For in this world I’m bound to ramble
I have no friends to help me now.

[chorus] He has no friends to help him now

It’s fare thee well my old lover
I never expect to see you again
For I’m bound to ride that northern railroad
Perhaps I’ll die upon this train.

[chorus] Perhaps he’ll die upon this train.

You can bury me in some deep valley
For many years where I may lay
Then you may learn to love another
While I am sleeping in my grave.

[chorus] While he is sleeping in his grave.

Maybe your friends think I’m just a stranger
My face you’ll never see no more.
But there is one promise that is given
I’ll meet you on God’s golden shore.

[chorus] He’ll meet you on God’s golden shore.