Knowledge of My Own Variety – Language and Science

According to the results of the survey I completed on the ‘myBlueprint’ site, my top subject fields are Science, with language arts close behind, and in the number three spot was ‘creative arts’.  Personally, I’m not sure I see myself as close to pursuing a career in arts as I am to pursuing one In science or language, but results are results.  I’ve always felt more connected personally with language than with the sciences.

In grade one I made what has to be the first-ever piece of writing I did on my own, now, I don’t know why I remember so vividly the exact words I wrote, but these were them:  ‘John ran to the bus’.  After us little grade one students had somewhat completed writing down those simple words, the teacher asked the class a simple question, ‘why did John run to the bus?’.  Now, at the time I was a forgetful little kid, and, with all honesty I still am today.  The personal connection I made to my writing at the time was how I frequently forgot my lunch bag when going places.  This would explain my answer to the teacher’s question.  My answer to her question was that John had forgotten his lunch bag, and was in a rush getting to the bus on time.  Though I know this little example doesn’t seem like much, but since then I’ve applied more and more personal connections into my writing.

As for the majority science portion of my knowledge according to the survey, I do agree that a lot of my knowledge to day is based on around science.  I have always had a passion for the sciences, and this is evident throughout my academic career, as on nearly all my report cards, my science mark is always top three.

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