The Isolation Experience – Day 2 post 1

Apologies for the inconsistency of days to posts, I didn’t make a post yesterday, nor do I have a time machine.

It’s been a less-than-eventful past 48 hours.  Beginning with being told to stay home from schools on the 15th, and leading to right now, this time away from the outside world has been something different for sure, but nothing too exciting.  Yesterday was what the average summer weekend is like; woke up, played games, had lunch, washed some dishes.  Nothing too eventful.

As of writing this, it is day 2 and I just finished cleaning my room.  I plan later to make lunch, clean up the house, perhaps do some Read Theory, and have some time to myself later in the day.

I am glad to see that my day is being eventful thus far and hope the future can be the same.

This is the new normal; at least until September.

Today’s panic rating – 1.25/10

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