The Isolation experience – Day 12/13 post 2

The past weeks have not been entirely devoid of activity, but nothing extraordinarily frightening or surprising has happened in the aforementioned time frame.  Life is continuing in it’s new normal with school being taught via internet, and public gatherings cancelled.  this week was the first week of schools officially being taught online, and this has had a fair amount of success, for this school at least.  At home, life is following along its new daily routine as part of isolation.  Who knows how long this new normal will last.

Day 13

This new normal, as much as it differs greatly from our normal from before, the weekends are similarly scheduled, save for the fact that Sunday masses are now to be observed via live stream.  Today, my family and I viewed a mass from the archdiocese of Edmonton via live stream.  We also made and decorated cookies with the new cookie press we got mom for her birthday.

(It was even more fun then it looks)

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