Turn PDF into google document? (not clickbait)

Here’s a good way to do things like this for you ‘external software xenophobes’ such as myself. Instead of using KAMI or the notes app, I simply used this process to allow for editing of a PDF.

Begin by opening the PDF file posted, and click the print icon in the top right.

This action will proceed to a new PDF file; one which allows you to draw pretty pictures on the file (I didn’t do this).  Once here, hit the edit icon (pencil) wait a moment, then click the download icon (arrow pointing down) in the top right.

This will add the PDF file to your downloads folder.

Next, go to your google drive, and select the NEW option on the left side.  Select the ‘file upload’ option and retrieve the recently downloaded PDF file from your downloads folder.

This is what the file should look like.

After uploading the file into your google drive, a notification should appear in the bottom right telling you the file is uploaded.

Click on this, and you will see your lovely PDF file.

Next, click on the “open with” button at the top middle of the screen, and select Google Docs.

Kami is an unnecessary software installation.

Wait a moment for the document to load, and you will have successfully loaded a PDF file into a google document.

Yeah, this is big brain time.
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One Reply to “Turn PDF into google document? (not clickbait)”

  1. Nice post, it begs for a companion post now about creating PDFs.

    Remember not everyone in the universe can open a google doc or a Word Doc. PDF is generic – “works on every device in the universe” format.

    I offer two tips for generating really nice PDFs:

    1. Notes App: scan as PDF
    2. Microsoft Office Lens PDF – works really nice on Math textbook pages with the little diagrams and such.

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