Who Am I?

My name is Gracie Sweeney and I don’t usually like to write about myself but I have to for this particular assignment, so I’ll do my best. The question “who am I” is one that can stump many people since it is such a broad question that applies for everything you do in your life such as what you stand for, what you want to achieve, your strengths and talents, and everything in between. Like most people, I also procrastinate answering this question for the sake of me diminishing my spirit and seeing that I’m not always the best me I can be.


Standing up for things you believe in can be a hard task for some but for me, I find it easier than most. I stand for people having the same rights in life with equal opportunity. I stand for people saying no to drugs even though they are being pressured and I applaud anyone who had the courage to say no. I also stand for people trying to achieve their goals in life and not letting open opportunities pass them by. For me when you have to stand up for things whether it’s your friends or the things you believe in you have to have the courage and you can’t second guess yourself.


When people achieve their goals they usually say they just wanted in more than other which pushes them to do more to achieve that goal.  When I am older a want to achieve numerous things. I want to find a career I love and one that I don’t get sick of easily. I want to make more friends that respect my beliefs and qualities. I also want to have financial stability so I can retire at a decent age and so I won’t have to stress over money. I realize these goals may take some time to achieve but these are things I really want so I believe I can get them.


Talents, you’ve had them since birth, they are the things that make you, you. I don’t think I have found all my talents but I know that I have found a few. I went to an art course went I was in grade four, the teacher didn’t help me at all she let me do my own thing and after the class, she said I had a real gift for doing this type of art, I’ve been painting ever since. I am talented at baking, for my birthday one year my parents bought me a Kitchenaid mixer and recently people have been hiring me to make cookies for them. The one thing I noticed about people and their talents is that their talents can be found in the things they love.


If I had to choose a symbol to represent me I would choose a pound cake. I understand that a pound cake doesn’t exactly sound like much but let me explain. A pound cake is a sturdy dessert that sturdiness represents me because I am a strong person will stand up for myself and others. It’s a cake so it is sweet, just like me and it is also a dessert to show my favorite thing to do is bake. It is also simple and I like simpler things in my life. I think a pound cake is a perfect fit for me!


Discovering what one truly thinks about themselves is a hard journey to go one but doing little things can help you answer this question. Doing this assignment made me really think about what I want to prove in life and how I want to do it. I now have a better understanding of who am as a person and what I need to change. Everyone should try to answer the never-ending “who am I” question.

Pound Cake.


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