My three favorite hobbies are painting, baking, and reading. All three of my beloved hobbies help me to relax and express myself during stressful weeks. All of my hobbies are very independent in that all of them can be done alone. Independence isn’t the only category my hobbies fall into, they also fall into the relationship category.

I absolutely love baking, it is my favorite pass time all year round. I love all the different foods you make during the different seasons of the year. My favorite thing to make in apple muffins. Food is a great way to bond and make relationships, this can be done when you’re making the treats together or eating them too. Baking is also very independent, you have the freedom to choose what you are going to make when you want, with no pressure from anyone else.

Painting is another one of my favorite recreational activities. It allows me to express myself with beautiful colors and test my abilities. Painting helps to relieve tension better than talking can, which can benefit your relationship with your self because you have relaxed. Painting is more in the independence category than the relationship because majority of the time it is done alone. You are the sole creator of the masterpiece, you choose the colors, design, and canvas all on your own without anyone else.

Creating the colorful pictures in my head from the words on the page is my favorite part of reading along with the quirky characters. Comparing ideas about the book you read with someone else is a great way to strengthen or start a relationship. Just like my other hobbies reading is independent because it can be done alone with just you and your thoughts.

I never realized that my top motivations, independence, and relationships were even remotely connected to my hobbies. This shows that even if you aren’t directly working at something, you are just having fun, the end goal is always the same as the one you are working for even if you don’t know it.


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