Leaving Home

I have never been away from my family for longer than a week so moving away from home to somewhere I don’t know anymore will be a huge change. Of course, university will be challenging and scary but that is nothing compared to the new opportunities, friends, and fun activities that I will do and meet. Going through difficult months will be difficult but when it is all over the self-growth and maturity will be worth it.

I’m not scared of meeting new people or even being more independent, it is the fact that when I fall I won’t have the same amount of support or love coming my way. I won’t have my mom or dad with me or constantly chatting and checking up on me. Not seeing their faces every day will be different, I have never really had to go through that before which will definitely be hard. I won’t ever live with my parents again, which is a sad thought. Even though they are a phone call away it won’t be the same, they aren’t there to give you a hug when you really need it. 

Leaving my parents will be the hardest thing when I start university but they definitely aren’t my only fear. When you are going to university you are choosing what you are going to do for the rest of your life which for me is the scariest thing to say. How can you choose one thing that we define the rest of your life, what if you choose wrong and you’re miserable for eternity? Or worse choosing something you actually love but there isn’t any work in your field so you end up doing something you hate.

University Is the final step before we get to start our adult life, or when our life will really begin. When we can start making decisions for ourselves and develop a new understanding of who we actually are as people. It is a lot different when you think about being an adult as a kind, you think it will be so easy because no one can tell you what to do and you can eat all the junk food you want. Thinking about it now it’s great no one can tell you what to do but there are more things to think about such as money, for your mortgage, car payment, gas, food, clothes. There is all this extra stuff to think about but that is what helps you grow and learn to make great decisions.

University has a few downfalls but will have great experiences too. I will be able to learn new things related to my career. Meet new people that may become life long friends. Participate in exciting school events. I will create lasting memories when I leave home which is pretty exciting.

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