Do All People go to Heaven?

Lord, will many be saved? Or is Hell crowded?  Right now the world says it is easy to be good but wide is the road that leads to destruction, narrow the gate to eternal life. Is it easier to stick to the good, a life of choices and happiness, or stray to the bad, a life of anger and regret? Our natural-born tendency is the path to destruction.  We are made for God but we are also broken. We are invited to choose the truth, and light, the narrow door, but we also have the choice to choose the wide door.  Regardless of how someone is raised, we believe that good people go to heaven when we die. The scripture points out that to go to heaven you have to be baptized, receive the eucharist, and you have to profess your faith. We don’t naturally grow into heaven. We have to realize that heaven isn’t a prize we get when we die. God wants us all to go to heaven but we still have to make the choice about where we end up. We are all invited but it is our choice about how much we will clean ourselves up or present yourself. You have to make other arrangements in your life to get there. You can’t walk into something without being prepared. Even if you have never heard of Jesus or you have never had the option to choose him you can still be saved if we choose the good that we do know. The biggest question we have to ask is, what am I doing to get there. What am I doing to get to the narrow gate?

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