Alien Invasion

Sweat was starting to drip down my face as I looked with terror at the TV screen. That night my family and I sat down to watch a movie, when suddenly the breaking news appeared out of nowhere on the TV. It announced that aliens were about to invade the Earth, so we quickly ran around the house grabbing food and water, but the one thing I only had time to grab was my dog Maggie.

The reason why was because she is the only other living we have in our house and she wouldn’t understand what was happening. After everything was gathered we bolted out to where everyone planned to meet and we took off in the spaceship towards space. I looked out the window down on our town to see was happening and I saw all the aliens invaded the whole place, one even tried to shoot at our spaceship but missed.

I held on to maggie with all my might and realized after looking out my window that we were in space. The stars twinkled as we passed them and and the moon shined even though it was day. Everyone finally relaxed when they knew we all were now safe and away from danger. Finally we saw the space hotel where everyone was going to stay and I was relieved that the hotel allowed dogs to stay because everyone brought theirs.

The spaceship captain announced that he’s not sure when we’ll be able to go back home, but we have enough food and water to supply for a long time. I was a little sad about not going back home for a while, but I didn’t care too much because I only cared  that I was with my family!

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