Crystal was here: December 2nd

Video Link:

When Crystal was here last Friday we talked about positive self talk. She showed us a video of a little girl looking in the mirror and saying happy and positive things about herself. After that we got up in a big circle and played a game which had to say a sentence that probably happens to everyone that makes them feels anxiety or frustration and we had to pass a ball around and when she said stop the person who got the ball had to say something positive about what she said.

Write about a time or situation when you felt proud of yourself?
– A time i felt proud of myself was when I finally landed one of my jumps in skating this year because last year I wasn’t crazy about skating but this year seems way more fun.

What positive things do others say about you?
– One thing I do very well is skating because I’ve been in it for about 9 years and I love to I go to practice.

What positive things do others say about you?
– They say I’m a good skater, pretty, and a good friend.

What is a role or responsibility in which you feel positive?
– I feel positive when I take care of my dog because I love her and it’s fun to take care of her.

What is a characteristic you like best about yourself?
– I like that I worked hard in school to get my dog because I’ve wanted one for the longest time and my parents said that I had to get honors in Grade 7 to get my dog and I did so i’m proud of myself.

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