Discover your Spiritual Gifts: Results

1. After taking the survey that “I” Created for Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, I know I answered all the questions honestly¬†and got and pretty good score too. For three gifts that I identified as “That’s me!” I know I put, I would help homeless people, call to see how my friends are if they are sick and I like having company over at my house, which were the three gifts.

2.¬†After taking all the 4 surveys of the people in my group, I know I answered their surveys honestly. And looking at the results my group members have on my survey, I noticed that numbers 2, 3, 11, 24, 29, 31 and 37 everyone in my group all put “probably me” for those questions. Also I saw that one person for “When everything looks bad, I can still trust God” they put “definitely not me” and I thought that was terrible because I trust God with my life.

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