Qualities of Friendship

Joyful – I look for a friend who is Joyful because if I´m feeling upset or down that friend will be their to cheer me up with their happy attitude. Their joyfulness will have a have positive affect on me and make me more joyful when I am around them.

Funny – I look for a friend who can make me laugh because I like having a good laugh most days, they also seem one of kind.

Good Listener – I look for a friend who really has their ears open when we talk, even when its not that important, its always nice to talk to someone.

Caring – I look for a friend who is full of kindness and cares to hear what I might be going through. Also someone who influences me to be more nice and caring towards others.

Understanding – I look for a friend who is understanding because if I am talking about something meaningful and important to me its nice to have a friend who understands what I am trying to say or point out.


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