My Father is a Simple Man

Can life really be compared to an orange?

  • Yes because some people live life so simply, and oranges never end or change which means that they are pretty simple to me.

Does education make someone a “scholar”?

  • Education can make someone a scholar if they really want to be. Real scholars question everything they hear or read, they are people who are naturally curious. They enjoy the act of learning itself, not being smarter than other people or knowing more facts.

What is greatness?

  • All greatness comes from the willingness to go after what might not work, the ability to achieve what you choose to achieve in the area you choose to achieve it, and to achieve it with excellence and a level of mastery.

How old do you think the speaker is? Justify your response with reference to details in the poem.

  • I think the speaker is a boy who is around the age of 12. In the poem he says “I’ll gladly give my life for this man with a sixth grade education, whose kindness and greatness are true”, so I figured he was around the age of 12.

For what audience do you think the poem is intended?

  • I think this poem is intended for people who are around their teens.

Do you think the poet ever expressed these thoughts and feelings to his father? Explain.

  • I don’t think he ever did, I think he studied his father by the way he lived and took his advice that you don’t have to be great to live a good life. By living a simple life and learning all the facts will lead to do the simple things in life better.


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