The New House

What makes us unique? Distinctive?

– Experiences, beliefs, genetics, body, relationships, hobbies, intelligence, personality, and goals are all things that make everyone unique and distinctive.

What does it mean to be a human being? What is our human nature?

– What it means to be human means having these objective qualities that are true at all times. God made us rational and free and capable of feelings and passion. We are humans because God put a desire for us to be happy and to search for that missing part that will make us happy which is Him. By us wanting to search that happiness we would be needing to search in his paths to be able to find it. We humans are the only creature on the Earth who can refuse our nature, we are the only species that balances the divide between matter and spirit.

Do we see ourselves the same way that others see us?

– Definitely not! How others see ourselves is based on what want them to see of us, and how we act around them. The way we see ourselves is very different from the view of other people, we notice every little detail, we see the flaws that are not even there, but we also know ourselves more than others.

How do our values of self affect our lives?

– Our values are made of the things we believe are essential in living life. Value are what should identity our priorities in life, also to set our path for the future.



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