My Learning Styles

My main learning style is auditory witch means that I learn better by listening to a recording of what I want to learn about and listening to what other people have to say. It helps me when I am studying to hear everything that I’m saying so I usually read it out loud or record myself than listen to it over and over again until I understand how to do it. I am 38% auditory, I am also34% visual and that means I like to see pictures, charts, and doing hands-on activities. If you are mostly visual then it would help while studying to make notes and underline my writing and try and make charts or pictures for most of the stuff that you do. The last one is that I am 27% kinesthetic. Being kinesthetic means that I can’t sit for very long, I like to be moving, and use gestures when explaining things. If you are kinesthetic then it would help if when you are studying then only study in little amounts of time. So if you are studying then study for twenty minutes, take a five-minute break, and so on. If you are kinesthetic, it would help if you use flashcards to study with. I use flashcards all the time because it is something that helps me. I use lots of strategies when studying like reading it out loud or even recording myself so I can listen to it over and over again. Everyone has different strategies for studying and if something works for you it might not work for others. Don’t make fun of someone because they study different you do what works for you.


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