Personality Survey

When I did this survey I didn’t really know what my personality was. After I finished the survey then that’s when I started to understand what my personality was made up of.  One thing about my personality is that I like to work in groups of people.  Apparently, my personality likes to speak it’s mind even if it could hurt someone’s feelings.  When we have an assignment then I like it better when we have a set date and not a date that is like whenever you are done you are done. I like knowing how long it should take me to finish it, and also I liked to have a set date so then I know I won’t be the last because when I am last I feel like I held up the whole class, but if we have a set date to finish something then I know that if I am last then I won’t be holding back the whole class.  The Feildmarshal, that’s what my personality is called, my ideas that I have are kind of all over the place and that means I could have troubles communicating with other people and trying to explain things to others. If I have a plan and I set my mind to it I am able to accomplish it.  If I ever have to make a decision I put others before me and I think about how it would affect others.  That’s what I learned about my personality.



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