On the survey that I took on MyBluePrint, it shows that my top three subject areas are Physical  Education, Creative Arts, and Computers. I didn’t know that my top subject area was Physical Education.  I thought that I would have been more creative then I am physical. 

I feel like the survey showed me what kinds of things that I am interested in and on the MyBluePrint webpage, it says that the topics that I could study would be Sports, Wellness, and Health Sciences. I think out of all of the subjects I could study in, I would pick Wellness. I would choose Wellness over all of the other subjects because it is a cool topic to research and learn about. 

The other topic I got was Creative Arts. I think that this topic interests me more than Physical Education because there are more opportunities for better jobs.  For example, I could start to become a musician. I could learn how to play many different instruments and could start up a band and play for small events. Also, I could become apart of a theatre group that puts on a play every weekend for the people in the community. Or even if those don’t interest me I could become part of the Visual Arts category. I think that if I was better at drawing this would interest me a lot and I would be really excited to have a career in something like being an artist. 

The last one of my top three subjects is computers. I am very good at computers and feel like this would interest me for something to know how to do but not for a job. I think that learning how to program a computer or even make a  website would be a cool thing to know but not to do as a full-time job. Computer programming is really fun, and I think that it would be stressful to be doing for a full-time job. On the survey, it says that one of the jobs that I could do would be computer science. This job doesn’t really interest me, but I think that it would be pretty cool because you would be able to stalk someone really good if you had a job in this field. 

If I had to choose one out of the three subject areas I would definitely choose Creative Arts over Physical Education and Computers. This field would definitely interest me because I know more things that would interest me if I went to school for it. 

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