My top motivation is Relationships. When I’m working, I want to form a connection between us and get to know them and know that they trust me. Job areas that would be ideal for this would be helping others whether its a police officer or if its a support person. It could be anywhere from sitting behind a desk and helping customers to be out on a farm and helping other people do farm work. I feel like this is really me because ever since I was five I’ve wanted to be a police officer and even now I still want to.  Becoming a police officer I would be out helping people and making sure that everyone is safe. My second motivation is an achievement.  This means that I like to be working in a job that will be happy for me when I figure something out that someone else has been working on for a year or two. I want to be recognized for things that I have done that is a good deed.  A job that would be in this field would be a designer.  It lets you be creative and it will praise you for doing something good.  I feel like my top motivation is really something that I would think of doing.

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