Father Joy

This morning we met Father Joy. He is our new Priest at Holy Name of Jesus church. He moved from Edmonton to Vermilion.  Father was also the Priest of St. Theresa in Edmonton. He also was at St. Tomas church.

 He was originally from India more specifically Kerala. It is towards the bottom of India. He grew up with four brothers and one sister, but at the age of eight-teen, his sister left to become a Nun.  He knew that when he was younger he wanted to spread the word of God and wanted to teach people the word.

Father Joy told us more about his background and where he was from and told us all about the different provinces in India.  He told us all about the temperature in India and he even told us that at the top of India in some months it will start to snow.

The population of his province is 34,545,868. The population.  of Canada is 37,411,047. Just the population of Kerala is almost the size of Canada.  This is a picture of India and the red is the province that he lived in.

In India, they have free education for children aged 6-14. All of the schools that they would attend are private. In January 2019, India had over 900 universities and over 40,000 colleges. In 2016, Canada had ninety-six colleges and there is also ninety-six universities.  That’s crazy in all of Canada has fewer colleges and universities than all of India.

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