In my opinion, I think that kids should not be rewarded for your efforts in school. I will tell you why I think that way. First of all, when your kid does the dishes when you tell them to do them to you reward them and tell them how good of a job they did? Well if you said no then I agree with you. We shouldn’t have to be rewarded for kids to do something and put effort into our work. I will also talk about how do you know who your friends are, how do you know if your friends are true friends or if they are the type of person to talk about your behind your back, and the last one I will talk about is do we control technology or does technology control us? I think that technology controls us. So many kids are on their phones all the time. I will be listing some ideas about how all of them are connected and some tips that may be helpful if you’re struggling to figure out who your friends are. 


First of all, I don’t think that we should be rewarded for the efforts the kids put into their school work. I feel like if we reward them for every little activity they do then when they get older and people stop doing that I feel like they will just stop and give up on things and have a negative attitude on activities when the end result is not getting praised. If we get a reward for small things like getting your homework in on time then I think when you need to do work that involves a lot of time and effort and you don’t get an award then I think that a lot of the kids don’t want to do it because there is not an award at the end of the job. I feel that we should reward kids on big accomplishments like getting a school award or being recognized for something good they did in the school community then that’s when I think teachers should reward kids, but small things, in my opinion, should not be rewarded. In life you can’t expect things to be done for you, you need to work hard and accomplish things that may seem hard, but if you push yourself and you look to God for help then anything will seem possible. 


Secondly, how do we know who our friends are?  When we first meet someone, there is a feeling that you know that you are going to be friends. How do both of you guys know that you will become friends in the next week? Well I think that when you first meet someone and you have that feeling that you want to get to know them and so you start making the effort to talk to them and to get to know them and then you start to know their personality and lots of their strengths and weaknesses, that is when I think you have created a friendship. In my opinion, real friends and your friends will stick with you through thick and thin, the ups and downs in your life, and will listen to you when you are going through a rough time. They will never leave your side and will always be there for you. If you have people who you think are your friends but you find out that your “friends” are gossiping about you and then one of your real friends heard it, the real friend will come up to you and tell you what they are saying, fake friends, will keep passing the gossip onto someone else. If you ever feel alone there is one person who will be there for you no matter what happens in life, that person is God. He will always be there for you even when it feels like no one is there.


The last thing that I will talk about is does technology control us, or do we control it? In my opinion, I think that technology controls us. We are always on some sort of device. Even though we control what we do on our phones, tablets, computers, and other devices, I feel like it controls lots of the everyday decisions we make. It controls what we think about other people, what people look like, and even what clothes are good to wear and which ones are out of style.  I don’t think is a good thing because we should be able to have our own voice and speak out to what we think is right. We shouldn’t be told not to like someone because of how they look and how they act. You should have your own opinion about them. Even though fashion is a big part of how technology controls us, I feel like we should be able to wear whatever we want. This generation has been really bad for judging people just off of their appearance they made on some sort of social media. Almost everyone will take more than one photo looking the same to figure out which one is best for their Instagram, they do this because this is a way that they can get people to like them. They have to make a good impression on how they look and most of the time that’s not how they actually look or act in real life. Technology has taken over all of our lives and will continue to do that as long as generations go on.  


These three topics are all similar and somewhat related because with being rewarded for your efforts in school you expect your real friends to say things like a good job or treat you for what you did when really it wasn’t that big of a deal. With technology controlling most of our lives, say if you post a selfie on Instagram, people who aren’t your friends will comment on it saying how pretty you are, or how they don’t know how they ended up with such a beautiful friend when really they could be someone who you hate. Well at least that is what happens when a girl posts a selfie, I don’t know about guys and what they say in the comments, but I know that’s how it is with girls. Social media takes a big part in people not knowing who their real friends are. In real life, though you can always turn to God for some advise whether it is something with your friends or if it is doing something good and you no one is recognizing you then he will always recognize the small and big accomplishments. 


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