All of these poems are connected because all of them talk about the earth and things that live on it.  The first poem talks about the universe and how everything we do affects the world.  The second poem that I did was Hunch, it talks about how we follow and we do what we think is right. In this case, the snail is what we are following and what we are doing. The one line that I chose was “I wonder where the snail will go today” I like this line because it shows that we know to do what is right. I also like it because every day we don’t know what unexpected things will happen and so it’s like every day is a new adventure that we are going to go on.  The last poem that I did, was probably my favorite out of the three that I did. It talked about how we need to trust people and if we don’t then we aren’t strong. Most days, people tell us that we have to be strong, the word ablaze means fiercely.  Everyday we get told to be strong and things like that and so this poem relates a lot to everyday life.

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