Three Songs

Have you ever heard a song over and over again and still haven’t gotten sick of it? Well, there are three songs that I can hear all the time, over and over again and still not get sick of it. Those songs are Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs, Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker, and Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. I will give examples of why they are the top three songs that I could never get sick of. 

 The first song I will talk about is Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs. I listen to this song every time I am in the car and we always blast it. When I hear this song, I am most likely with my mom and sister as my dad only likes old country songs. I love this song so much because I think that it is such a sweet song and it means so much to loved ones. This song came out in 2017 and since then it has been my favorite song and that’s why it is my first choice. It was not very hard for me to think about this song because when I think of my three favorite songs then this song pops into my head first. 

 The second song that I chose is Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker. Every time I hear this song I am most likely with my dad when it comes on than me and him will turn up the music as loud as it can go and we sing as loud as we can to it. This is definitely a song that I like to sing with my dad because when I was younger as I would be having a nap then he would put on this song and he would sit beside my bed when it was bedtime and he would sing to me. I would always fall asleep when this song came on and that’s why I think it was the second song that I thought of. This song came out in 2013  and since then it has always given me a great memory of things that have happened when I am with my dad. 

 The third song that I chose was Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. When my sister and I were younger and both still did dance, we did a duet to this song dedicated to my dad. When we performed it, I could see him in the front row and I could see that he was crying as me and my sister were dancing. Since then it has sat in my heart and every time I hear it, I remember about the dance. Right now when I hear it I start to tear up because of things that are happening right now but I know soon it will go back to normal and I will start to remember the dance.

 The reasons why I picked these songs were because with Beautiful Crazy, it reminds me of my family and how much someone could love another person, with Wagon Wheel, it makes me happy knowing that I have a special song that I always hear when I am with him, and with Butterfly Kisses, even though it has a sad memory at the same time it is happy. With these songs that I picked, all of them have some sort of sentimental meaning to them and makes me think of my family and loved ones. Two of the songs my family and I  always listen to in the car and always blast it. These songs mean so much to me and they all have a different meaning, some of the meanings are sad and some we have fun with, but even the sad meanings I still could never get sick of them. 


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