Do you ever wish that you could be somewhere else? Well if you said yes then where would you go first? Well if I could go anywhere I would like to be Mexico because it is hot there, I would want to go to my bed after so then I could escape the cold once I get back, then the last place I would like to go is Tokyo. 

I would like to go to Mexico because the first thing it’s hot there. Right now it’s not that cold here but in Mexico, it’s way warmer. In Mexico right now it’s plus 24 and in Alberta, it is minus 4, so there is a big difference in temperatures. You could go and sit on the beach and you could get tanned. In Mexico, there are a lot of things that you could do like swimming in the ocean, going fishing, sitting by the pool, going on tours,  and even just reading a book on the ocean. These are all things that I like doing when I go to Mexico. 

After I go to Mexico, I would like to go home to my nice warm bed because after being in a place that’s hotter than plus 30 and then coming home to minus 30 weather it gets a little cold because you are used to the warm weather. I would like to be in my bed because you could sleep all day, binge watch tv shows that you want to watch, and even play video games. I want to do this because after a long busy day in Mexico and with the time change you will have to catch up on your sleep because you can’t go to school tired! 

The last place I would like to go to after I am all rested is Tokyo. I would like to go there because it is so beautiful and there are so many things you could do. Since I haven’t been there then one of the things that I would like to do is sightseeing, there are so many cool things that you can see when you are there. Some of those things that would be cool to see are the cherry blossom trees. Those are what I would look forward to most because I have seen pictures of them and they are one of the beautiful things that I would like to see. I would like to go to Hamarikyu Gardens because it is so pretty there. 

So if I could time travel I would go to Mexico and relax on the beaches, after Mexico I want to be in my bed and after that, it would be to go to Tokyo.

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