Rosiness or Gloomy Gray: On Viewing the World #5

The one line that I did was “Keep your face to the sunshine so you cannot see the shadow.”

I like this line because it is saying when you are going through things in life, don’t look back at everything that has happened, you need to stay looking forward.  I think this is a really good quote because when people go through a rough time in their life, most people will turn back to what has happened to them in the past, but people shouldn’t do that or they shouldn’t look back at there shadow. We need to focus on the present and not the past.  If we keep looking at our shadow, no one will get anywhere in life because we are just looking back at our shadow and we aren’t looking where we are going.  instead, we are looking backward to see what our shadows are doing, we need to be looking at the sunshine that is so bright that we forget about our shadow. If we keep looking at the sunshine, we will eventually forget about our shadow.

This quote has so much power even though it is only one line. People could also look at this quote since it is so short people could think that when someone says something that, even though it was one word it could still hurt the person that you said it to.

This quote has lots of meaning and that it all depends on how people look at life. This could be anything about life and things that happen in life. The way that I look at it is that when things get hard then we can’t keep turning back to the dark things that has happened in the past and that we need to keep looking forward to the good things in life.

I really liked this because it relates to my life and what is happening in it right now. When people do things that aren’t right then we most likely cant forget or forgive because we keep looking at the shadow instead of the sunshine.  I know that it’s hard to look at the sunshine all the time and not turn back to the shadow, but when you keep looking at the sunshine no matter what happens then you will be able to move on faster and forgive that person.  That’s why I liked that quote ” keep your face to the sunshine so you cannot see the shadow.”


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